Air conditioner with air washer

India’s summer is hot and humid.

Taking advantage of the high temperature and low humidity climate, we use air washers in large spaces such as factories.
We offer services designed and planned air conditioning system with low cost by unique technology and experience.
Additional effects can be produced by combining with HVLS fans or fabric ducts.

Description of air washer

An air washer is a machine that uses the latent heat of water evaporation to lower the air temperature without using a refrigerator or chiller, and uses that air to perform air conditioning.

When the wind hits a wet skin with sweat, the water evaporates.
People feel the wind cool because they take heat when the water evaporates.
Air washers use this principle.

Initial equipment costs can be reduced because equipment such as a refrigerator or chiller is not used.
In addition to that, it is possible to reduce running costs as it can reduce power consumption.

HVAC Air Conditioning System Business

From residential buildings to space development facilities, there are many kinds of buildings, and the air environments demanded by each of these buildings are different. We control the temperature, humidity, air flow, cleanliness, air pressure and so forth to provide the air environment that is required.

Automotive Related Environmental Testing Facility

In the motorcycle and automobile industry, it is necessary to carry out tests under various circumstances and environments as part of the development of engines and vehicles and for product testing in general. At DAIICHI KOGYO, we design and construct such facilities, making use of our abundant experience to create the various testing environments needed.

Conveyor System Business

We achieve high-speed automation of functions such as “bundling, sorting and carrying,” we streamline the tasks required on the work floor, and we contribute to creating safer and more compact spaces.